Licensed Security Drivers

A security driver is one who is employed to drive around in an armored car and protect people from crime, terrorism and any other threat. These security men or women are professionally trained and carry body armor or firearms for self defense. They can be summoned to respond immediately if there is an attack on the streets of London or at a private residence or business. security driver London can also ride around with their partner in a security vehicle so that the partner can practice defensive driving during a time when the security is high in the area.

Why you choose Licensed Security Drivers?

Security drivers have a variety of responsibilities that they fulfill and the duties change depending upon the kind of vehicle they drive. For instance, they drive a BMW, but they will also drive luxury cars and trucks. Some security men operate in armored cars while others drive regular cars and trucks. There are even security drivers who only drive taxis so that they can assist in emergency situations or at the location of an injured person or a person in need of immediate medical attention.

The job of a security driver in London is to keep the public and the security personnel safe. As long as they follow the laws of driving in London, they are well within their rights to do what they want while on the road. Licensed security drivers are supposed to display the emblem on the car they are driving with a red ribbon that has the license number on it. If the license plate is missing then the security driver must inform the police about it. Anyone who is driving a security vehicle without a security driver’s emblem on the car must first fill out a form that states the reason why the license plate has been missing and the security driver will be issued a ticket.

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